You are currently viewing TikTok Chinese app is no longer available to download from Google Play Store

TikTok Chinese app is no longer available to download from Google Play Store

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  • Post last modified:30th June 2020

Government of India yesterday band total 59 apps most of them are Chinese apps.

There are thousands and thousands of Chinese app in the Google Play Store. Government selected this Chinese apps because they may collect your personal information and also this apps maybe to some extent harm the security of the country.

In the difference countries, Tik Tok already have similar restrictions, few countries already banned several Chinese apps.

TikTok was popular in India : 

Tiktok already has millions and millions of download from India and this TikTok app is very popular in India.

You can upload small size video by using Tik Tok app and you may be able to earn some money.

That’s why it is very popular in India. There are also several Tiktok stars that means people they popularized themselves by uploading several videos.


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TikTok is a security issue for India:

After banning TikTok and several others software Government of India clarified that India security and integrity is the utmost important to the country.

Peoples personal information must be secure, so that no application can hack the personal information.

TikTok is not available at Google Play Store : 

TikTok is not available right now at Google play store from India. That means you can not download the TikTok app from the Google Play Store from India.

Ever  if you download APK application then software will not work because the routing will happen through India.

Tiktok server is located in the China but the routing will occur through India.

we have seen that this TikTok app already banned and is not available to download.

Few applications still available ??

Other few apps though they are banned, can still be downloaded. This include “Helo app” “Likee App” etc.

As per Experts, it may take few days to more to implement the order.

By banning 59 applications mostly Chinese, Government of India given a strong message to China thatGgovernment can take hard stand to protect the security of every Indians.

Also the security and integrity of the nation. After banning of 59 apps mostly Chinese, the Chinese newspapers become rattled and they made several comments against the move.

As per Chinese media, this banning will further escalate the situation between India and China

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