Sony 64MP IMX686 CMOS Sensor Top Ten Features Specifications

Sony 64MP IMX686 CMOS Sensor Top Ten Features Specifications

Sony 64MP IMX686 CMOS Sensor Review Features Specifications

sonySony 64MP IMX686 CMOS Sensor for mobile is the latest image sensor. The Sony mobile image sensor are already popular these days.  several mobile manufacturer including Xiaomi, Oneplus, Oppo, Vivo etc used several sony image sensors lile Sony IMX586. This Sony IMX686 Sensor has an effective pixel of 64 Megapixel.

Recently we have seen that Samsung released 64 Megapixel mobile image sensor. Smartphone like Realme XT and Realme X2 Pro already used this sensor with success.

Though Sony not revealed the details specifications of Sony 64MP IMX686 Sensor, but some features are already published. With the introduction of Sony 64MP IMX 686 Sensor the mobile imaging technology will shift to 64 MP.

Top Ten features and Specifications of Sony IMX686 CMOS Sensor 

  1. 64 MP Camera sensor,
  2. 9248 x 6944 pixels size image
  3. Total effective pixel is 64 MP Based on image sensor effective pixel specification method.
  4. Ultra- compact Pixel Size of 0.8 μm
  5. Ability to pack 64 effective megapixels onto a 1/1.7 inch sensor size
  6. Frame rate is full 30 fps

     Movie supported in Sony 64MP IMX686 CMOS Sensor

4K (4096×2160) upto 90 fps

1080 p upto 240 fps

720 p upto 480 fps

  1. Image plane phase- difference AF, HDR imaging
  2. Image output format is Bayer RAW
  3. The Quad Bayer array enables both high sensitivity and high resolution
  4. Ability to capture bright, low-noise photos and videos at night
  5. Four times greater dynamic range than previous products and real time output

Sony IMX686 sensor Mobile Phone list

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FAQs on Sony IMX686 sensor

What is Sony imx686?

  • Sony IMX686 is the latest CMOS image sensor meant for smartphones.

Which phone has highest megapixel?

  • Realme XT, and Redmi Note 8 Pro with 64 megapixel camera sensor

What resolution is 64MP?

  • It means 9248 x 6944 pixels size image

Which Sony camera sensor is best for mobile?

  • Sony IMX 686 is best for mobile or smartphones

Does Sony IMX 686 has Optical Image Stabilization ‑ OIS built in ?

  • No it does not has in built OIS. But it support OIS

Sony imx686 price in India

  • This sensor will not sold separately. Smartphone manufacturer are purchasing this as a bulk purchase.

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