Android 10 Features All You Need To Know

Android 10 Features All You Need To Know

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Android 10 is the latest smartphone operating system.

Key Features of Android 10

  1. optimize your apps for unfold and foldables state of phone
  2. 5G networks support
  3. smart replies for notifications including massages
  4. Dark theme to enable dark mode
  5. Has full gestural navigation mode
  6. New setting panel with floating UI
  7. New and smart sharing shortcuts
  8. Enhanced privacy protection
  9. Enhanced security features
  10. Huge camera and media improvement
  11. Dynamic depth for photos
  12. Improved internet connectivity
  13. Thermal API to check CPU temperature

Enhanced Security Features of Android 10

The most welcome features

  • Improved biometric authentication dialogs
  • Specify user confirmation requirements
  • Will check device for biometric capability
  • Improved fallback support for device credentials
  • Run embedded DEX code directly from APK
  • Has TLS 1.3 support
  • Has Public Conscrypt API

Several Connectivity features

This version of Android includes several improvements in respect to connectivity and networking.

  • Wi-Fi network connection API
  • Wi-Fi network suggestion API
  • Will provide a hint to the underlying modem to minimize latency.
  • Improvements to Wi-Fi high-performance and low-latency modes
  • Specialized lookups in DNS resolver
  • Wi-Fi Easy Connect
  • Wi-Fi Direct connection API
  • Bluetooth LE Connection Oriented Channels (CoC)

Telephony features

This includes

  • Call quality improvements
  • Screening and caller ID
  • Call redirection service API

Media and graphics of Android 10

  • Native MIDI API
  • MediaCodec Info improvements
  • Returns true if a codec is accelerated by hardware.
  • Returns true if the codec is provided by the device vendor or false if provided by the Android platform.
  • Performance Points
  • Monochrome camera support

This is very important now a day. Android 9 (API level 28) first introduced monochrome camera capability.

  • New Y8 stream format support to improve memory efficiency.
  • Support for monochrome raw DNG capture.
  • Introduction of MONO and NIR CFA enumerations to distinguish between regular monochrome camera and near infrared cameras.

Dynamic Depth Format


Accessibility services API

Soft keyboard controller enhancement

User-defined accessibility timeouts

Autofill improvements

  • Compatibility-related autofill requests
  • Save username and password simultaneously
  • User interaction with the Save UI
  • Support for updating datasets
  • Field Classification improvements
  • Support for app-specific field classification

UI and system controls of Android 10

  • Support JVMTI PopFrame caps
  • Surface control API
  • WebView hung renderer detection
  • Settings panels
  • Sharing improvements
  • Roles


Android 10 includes the following updates for Kotlin development.

Nullability annotations for libcore APIs


Android 10 includes the following NDK changes.

Improved debugging of file descriptor ownership

Q & A on Android 10

Android 10 update for Oneplus 7 and Oneplus 7 Pro

  • Oneplus is rolling out the android 10 update . You can able to update soon.

Android 10 update

  • You can do update if you phone support it. You can do update via OTA update or directly go to your smartphone manufacturer website

Android 10 phones

  • Oneplus 7T Pro
  • Oneplus 7T Pro McLaren Edition
  • Pixel 4

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