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Amazon now offering regular services to specific zones

Amazon now offering delivery services of the non essential goods but there is a twist. Amazon will deliver the product on the orange and green zones not on the red zone.

Previously Amazon delivered the essential services in the Orange zone. Now they are providing non essential good as well.

If you want to check your previous order, then you can check. if you want to give order then kindly check that whether Amazon can give the product to your specific location.

You can search by entering your pin code of the locality

we all know that coronavirus spread throughout the world. each and every country is affected by the coronavirus disease.  This coronavirus disease also affected India.

That’s why several parts of the India are in red zone and several are in green and orange zones. Indian government announced lockdown up to 17th may 2020. after that what will happen no one knows

There may be a chance that the lockdown baby extended throughout this month. Amazon services which are of essential and nonessential in nature can be delivered at present in the Orange and Green Zone this is a welcome move by the Amazon

If your location is eligible for delivery of goods then you can sign in to amazon and check the same by entering your PIN code number of your locality.

Amazon now delivering services

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