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10 Way to Minimize Smartphone Radiofrequency Exposure

10 Way to Minimize Smartphone Radiofrequency Exposure

10 Things you can do to Minimize Smartphone Radiofrequency Exposure

  1. Avoid using multiple mobile devices. If you want to save you, your family, your environment then do not heard the profit making companies!!!!!!
  2. Avoid using multiple SIM cards
  3. Do not use 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G all together. Use only one.
  4. Avoid using Tower installation at your home.
  5. Switch off your mobile phone while sleeping
  6. Stops all notifications in your smartphone. Personalize all notification and GPS access.
  7. Install application from verified sources.
  8. Check the radio frequency exposure data before buying Smartphone. After that you check mobile features, specifications and price!!!!!
  9. Do not buy high radio frequency emitting device for compromised price!!!!!. Do not believe paid news!!!!!
  10. A mobile is an inanimate object. Love animals!!!!!!


In the recent times the chronic illnesses and mental problem, cancers are increasing. In several instances the cause of such condition is unknown!!!! Human behaviors are also changing, environmental balance is disrupted. Though several factors are responsible for such conditions but mandatory radio exposure surely is a factor. Those who invented the 2G, 3G, 4G and latest 5G will definitely defend that this radio frequencies are harmless and will not contribute to the destruction of entire environment and its structure. Do not think that invisible things can not harm you. A virus, a bacteria is invisible and can kill you!!!! Similarly this radio waves can destroy your cells or DNA after chronic exposure. We all should focus in this respect.

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